Baisha Li Autonomous County,

Baisha Li Autonomous County, an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, is located in the west-central part of Hainan Island, between latitude 18°56' -- 19°29' north, longitude 109°02' -- 109°42' east, adjacent to Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County in the east, Ledong Li Autonomous County in the south, Changjiang Li Autonomous County in the west, and Danzhou City in the north. The total area is 2117.2 square kilometers. Baisha Li Autonomous County is a tropical monsoon climate, long sunshine, sufficient light and heat, with tropical mountain climate characteristics. As of November 2020, Baisha Li Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 11 towns, with the county government stationed in Yacha Town. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Baisha Li Autonomous County was 164,699.

The name "Baisha" began in the Qing Dynasty; On November 20, 1987, The State Council approved the abolition of Baisha County and the establishment of Baisha Li Autonomous County. In March 2017, it was shortlisted in the "2017 Top 100 Deep Breathing Towns" list. On February 29, 2020, it was removed from the list of poverty-stricken counties and officially lifted out of poverty. In July 2020, it was selected into the list of National Health counties reconfirmed in 2019. There are Baisha Uprising site, Qiongya column site and other red cultural resources, meteor crater, Hongkan waterfall, Nankai stone wall and other natural landscapes.

In 2019, the GDP of Baisha Li Autonomous County reached 5.664 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5 percent over 2018 based on comparable prices. The value added of the primary industry was 2.311 billion yuan, up by 3.5%; The added value of the secondary industry was 597 million yuan, up by 5.6%; The value added of the tertiary industry was 2.756 billion yuan, up by 5.2%.

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