mudanjiang city

Mudanjiang, also known as Snow City, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province. Approved by The State Council, Mudanjiang is an important central city and scenic tourist city in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province. Mudanjiang has jurisdiction over 4 municipal districts, 1 county and 5 county-level cities with a total area of 40,600 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, Mudanjiang's permanent population is 2290,208. In 2021, Mudanjiang achieved a gross regional product of 87.5 billion yuan.

Mudanjiang is located in northeast China, in the center of Northeast Asia economic Circle, and the border with Russia is 211 kilometers long. Mudanjiang is an important strategic fulcrum of the "China-Mongolian-Russia Economic Corridor" and the Longjiang Silk Road Belt, as well as a bridgehead and hub of China's border opening to Russia. Mudan River belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, known as "Jiangnan outside the fortress", "the land of fish and rice" reputation.

Mudan River gets its name because Mudan River, one of the largest tributaries of Songhua River, crosses the city. The main scenic spots and cultural attractions that have been developed and utilized in Mudanjiang include Crater National Forest Park, Moranbong National Forest Park and National Nature Reserve, Snow Village ski resort and Moranbong Ski Resort.

Chinese counties in mudanjiang city

suifenhe county-level city
meilin county-level city
ningan county-level city
muling county-level city
dongning county
linkou county

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