qitaihe city

Qitaihe, another name coal city, Heilongjiang Province jurisdiction prefecture-level city. The city has jurisdiction over 3 municipal districts and 1 county, with a total area of 6,221 square kilometers. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Qitaihe was 689,611.

Qitaihe City is located in the northeast of China, the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province, the south of Jiamusi City, the west end of Wandashan Mountain range, belongs to the low mountains and hills, the whole terrain is high in the southeast, low in the northwest, located in the middle latitude zone, the climate belongs to the cold temperate zone, continental monsoon climate.

Qitai River is located in the center of the urban agglomeration in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province, where the Stag-jia high-speed Railway, Stag-jia Railway, He-da Expressway, Yi-qi Expressway and Raogai Highway run through the whole territory, connecting with the provincial capital and surrounding cities and counties by high grade highways, and forming a regional strategic cooperative city with 14 cities (prefectures) in the eastern part of Northeast China. Qitaihe area is one of the birthplace of the Sushen nationality. Formerly Jidong Provincial Party Committee, the headquarters of the second Route Army of the resistance. Qitaihe has two national forest parks, Xiduan and Shilongshan, and Taoshan Lake National Wetland Park. Qitaihe is the representative city of short track speed skating in China. It has cultivated 10 world short track speed skating champions, such as Zhang Jie, Yang Yang, Wang Meng and Fan Kexin. It is known as "North Medicine of Cold Region", "Capital of coking coal", "Hometown of China Winter Olympic Champions", "Hometown of China Short Track Speed Skating", "Cradle of Winter Olympic Champions and Holy Land of Short Track Speed Skating".
In 2020, the city's gross regional product reached 20.64 billion yuan, which was 2.5 percent lower than the previous year at comparable prices.

Chinese counties in qitaihe city

boli county

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