China Top Ten B2B e-commerce platforms -1

B2B model is the largest, most operable and most successful model in the current e-commerce model. Through B2B platform, sellers can provide customers with high-quality services, exclusive products, low-cost products and good distribution services, so that customers can maintain a good relationship and gain loyalty. B2B platforms connect suppliers and buyers around the world, making it easier for both parties to trade products. Here are some well-known B2B platforms to help you expand your market and increase your product sales.

1. Alibaba International Station

Alibaba Group is China's largest private enterprise, headquartered in Hangzhou and mainly engaged in the e-commerce industry, including B2B services and retail services. It also offers online payment services and cloud storage. Alibaba Group offers a wide range of products, and is a platform that connects domestic exporters with companies in other countries. It is currently one of the largest and oldest B2B e-commerce platforms in the world, with over 35 million users.

2. Dunhuang Network

Dunhuang is a B2B platform. Importers from around the world can buy small quantities of Chinese goods, including electronics, clothing, decorations and sports accessories, at wholesale prices. DHGate sells more than 30 million products in 227 countries worldwide. It has more than 5 million customers worldwide and is currently one of the 2,100 most visited pages on the Internet.

Some of the products provided by Dunhuang network suppliers have CE, RoHS, FCC certificates. If you want to avoid uncertified products, the easiest way is to type the product name and certification criteria into the search bar.

3. TradeKey

TradeKey, a large B2B platform, focuses on Asian markets, particularly India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan Province, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

The site provides visitors with three main services: First, if they want to buy a particular product, they can initiate a purchase from tens of millions of vendors on the site. After seeing the purchase information, the supplier will take the initiative to contact you if interested. Second, the product. There are many product categories on the website, mainly by wholesalers, manufacturers, export factories. The third type is companies, where users can find direct suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

Among other things, it enables you to become a dealer, helping small and medium-sized companies such as manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers to sell their goods and thus earn unlimited commission. Tradekey is the world's leading and fastest growing B2B platform, providing a trading platform for small and medium-sized importers, exporters and enterprises around the world. Tradekey also has its own app that allows users to search for new vendors or stay in touch with customers on the road, wherever they are.

Over the years, TradeKey has connected with suppliers, purchasers, manufacturers and importers in 240 countries worldwide with its unique and powerful business matching engine and efficient promotion tools.

4. Made in China Network

Made-in-china is also very popular and is one of the best B2B platforms. Developed and operated by domestic Focus Technology company, it is a leader in the e-commerce industry. All products on the Made in China website are made in mainland China and made in Taiwan.

Today, Made-in-China remains one of the most successful B2B websites in the world.

5. ExportHub

ExportHub is an international B2B platform. The purpose of the ExportHub project is to continue to operate efficiently. The site has been trying to improve its skills, tools and knowledge base to provide better service to buyers and suppliers.

Unlike other B2B platforms, ExportHub also offers exclusive services to its clients, allowing them to choose options based on their wishes and to offer different services based on their options.

Customers can choose from different kinds of packaging, including standard packaging, gold packaging, digital packaging and VIP packaging. Suppliers can choose different packaging according to the level, scale and market of buyers.

Unlike the traditional ExportHub B2B platform, ExportHub places great emphasis on invested suppliers to ensure that suppliers are profitable.

Our account managers at ExportHub provide buyers with an efficient Exporthub service and a choice of options.

6. EC Plaza

Founded in 1996, EC Plaza has evolved into a B2B leader in providing online and offline services. The website has more than 1 million members. EC Plaza is mainly engaged in export marketing, but she not only provides B2B platform, EDI services and trade consulting services, but also provides offline trade related services for smes.

EC Plaza is now a global website with high brand awareness. They open up the global business market by providing business opportunities, cost savings and convenience for companies.

EC Plaza website has more than 4 million suppliers, the first in the world. On Alexa, Rankey, 100 HOT and several other well-known ranking sites. EC Plaza takes the lead. includes global B2B e-mall, overseas market research, trade infrastructure, online and offline overseas marketing and trade consulting services.

7. Global Resources

Global Resources is a B2B platform listed on Nasdaq under the name GSOL. Global Sources is known for its quality suppliers from a variety of industries. Many manufacturers in China pay high entry fees to become suppliers to the portal.

Founded in Singapore in 2000, Global Sources promotes international trade and brings traders around the world closer together.

Like Alibaba, showcases many manufacturers and suppliers, mainly from China. The platform is linked to the international trade fair in Hong Kong, where well-known manufacturers, suppliers and dealers from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan Province and Hong Kong will participate. According to Wikipedia, 95 of the world's 100 most prominent retail chains use the platform to connect with suppliers and manufacturers.

Global suppliers and manufacturers have a lot to choose from, as most of the sites are companies registered in Hong Kong and have rich experience in doing trade with the West, as they are linked to Hong Kong trade fairs. This has led Global Sources to place great emphasis on website durability, functionality, design, customer service and international trade rules. In other words, the product is of high quality.

8. ThomasNet

ThomasNet, formerly known as "US manufacturer Thomas Register," is the world's leading business-to-business platform with more than 1.8 million visits per month. For a hundred years, Tomasny has built buyer and seller connections in manufacturing and industry.

Now, buyers around the world will use to find suppliers and purchase products, including engineers, purchasing agents, facility managers and more. Buyers are mainly in the United States.

ThomasNet combines powerful search technology with numerous company profiles on the platform to increase the choice of vendors, and it's free. ThomasNet is a huge platform with 67,000 industrial categories and 650,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies. also allows customers to make inquiries at the company. But unlike Alibaba's international site, it does not allow individuals to post general "requests for quotes."

9. EC21

Founded in 1997 in South Korea, EC21 is one of the top 10 online B2B platforms in the world. Like Alibaba International, this is a global marketplace with 1 million buyers and more than 600,000 queries per month. At first, it was the online trade committee of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). In 2000, EC21 became independent.

EC21 currently has three stations, including EC21 China station, EC21 Korea Station and EC21 Global station, which support eight different languages.

Headquartered in Seoul, EC21 has eight regional sales offices in mainland China, as well as offices in Vietnam, Turkey, India, Italy, Russia and Pakistan.

Like Alibaba International, EC21 offers basic and premium membership services. Sellers can easily create their own home pages, display products, respond to requests for offers, and contact buyers.

10. GlobalSpec is a leading B2B platform for industrial components, machinery and related services in North America and Asia. With demand for industrial parts increasing around the world, the company has made millions of dollars by connecting buyers and sellers.

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