Alxa Left Banner

Alxa Left Banner, under the Alxa League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Located in the western part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the west foot of Helan Mountain, the eastern part of the Alxa League. The northeast and Urat back banner, Dengkou County connected; It is adjacent to Wuhai City and Otog Banner in the east. It faces Shizuishan City, Pingluo County, Helan County, Yinchuan City, Yongning County and Qingtongxia City in the southeast. It is adjacent to Zhongwei City, Zhongning County, Jingtai County and Gulang County in the south. West and Wuwei City, Minqin County, Alxa right Banner adjacent; It borders Mongolia in the north, with a border length of 188.68 kilometers and a total area of 80412 square kilometers. In 2021, Alxa Left Banner has a registered population of 148,000. There are 28 ethnic groups including Mongolian, Han, Hui, Manchu, Korean, Daur, Zhuang and Tibetan. Is a Mongolian as the main body, the majority of the Han ethnic minority settlement area. As of October 2021, Alxa Left Banner has jurisdiction over 4 subdistricts, 8 towns and 6 Su Mu. Banner people's Government in Bayanhot Town West Garden Street 9.

The ancient "Yu Gong" Yongzhou area. Qing Kangxi thirty-six years, formally set up the Alxa Heshuote banner, directly under the jurisdiction of the Rifan Court. In 1961, Alxa Banner was divided into Alxa Left Banner and Alxa Right Banner. In 1980, the Alxa League was founded and administered the Alxa Left Banner.

In 2021, the GDP of Alxa Left Banner increased by 6.2 percent. That of the primary industry grew by 5.5% and that of the secondary industry by 7.4%. The value added of tertiary industry increased by 3.8%, and the ratio of tertiary industry was 4.4:68.7:26.9.

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