An county

An county (An County) generally refers to Anzhou District.Anzhou District is the municipal district of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, located in the southwest of Mianyang City, the northwest of Sichuan Basin, in the middle of Longmen Mountains, between latitude 31°23 '~ 31°47' north, longitude 104°05 '~ 104°38' east, bordering Jiangyou City in the east and Fucheng District in this city in the southeast. It is connected with Luojiang District of Deyang City in the south and Mianzhu City in the southwest. It is adjacent to Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County in the north and Maoxian County in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the northwest. Preliminary planning according to the concentration in mianyang sci-tech city development area, concentrated development area involves Ann obviously JiePai town and township XingRen Gai town local, local and the flowers will greatly expand the mianyang sci-tech city development space. Anzhou District covers an area of 1181.14 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 9 towns and 1 township. In 2021, the region's permanent population reached 381,400, with an urbanization rate of 44.76 percent. In 2021, the region's GDP reached 21,82622 million yuan, an increase of 8.6 percent over the previous year based on comparable prices.

Anzhou District was founded in 347 AD (the third year of Yonghe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty). It was the hometown of Li Tiaoyuan, a famous scholar in the Qing Dynasty, and Sha Ting, a famous modern writer. Within the main Qianfo Mountain, Luofu Mountain, White water Lake, sister Bridge and Wenxing Pavilion and other scenic spots.
Anzhou superior location, convenient transportation. It is close to the Chengmian-Guangzhou Expressway, the 108 National Highway and the Mian-Chongqing Expressway, and the highway mileage of the whole region reaches 2,139 kilometers. The backbone roads such as S418 Line, S216 Line, tourism Circle Line and the second mian-’an Express Channel, together with Liaoning Avenue, Liao 'an Road and Chengqing Road, have built a new whole-area transportation system of "one cross, eight vertical and one ring". With urban areas as the core of the regional half hour economic circle formed.

In March 2019, it was listed among the first batch of counties under protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics. On December 6, 2019, it was selected as a pilot unit to promote the quality improvement of farmer cooperatives in the whole county.

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