Baihe County

Baihe County, affiliated to Ankang City, Shanxi Province, is located in the east of Ankang City, north of the Han River, across the river and Yunxi County of Hubei Province, east and south respectively Yunyang District, Zhushan County, west and Xunyang City connected, an area of 1450 square kilometers. As of October 2022, Baihe County has jurisdiction over 11 towns. In 2021, Baihe County has a permanent population of 221,000.

Baihe County, named after the Baishi River in the territory, surrounded by Chu on three sides in the east, north and south, is the Central Plains into Shanxi into the throat, known as "Qin head Chu tail" in ancient times. During the Spring and Autumn Period, the land was dzahen and said tin. Warring States to Qin, this state belongs to Chu, after Qin. Qin County is set up in Yang County. During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the southern Liang made Yang County into Yang County in the south and Xiong Chuan County in the north. Ming Chenghua twelve years (1476), renamed Baihe County. On September 13, 2022, Baihe County was named as 2021 provincial county construction demonstration County by Shanxi Provincial government.

In 2021, the GDP of Baihe County was 9.368 billion yuan, with a per capita GDP of 42,400 yuan. The per capita disposable income of urban residents was 35,363 yuan and that of rural residents was 13,709 yuan.

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