bazhou county-level city

Bazhou City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Hebei Province, is managed by Langfang City. It is located in the east of Jizhong Plain, Hebei Province, in the center of the Beijing Tianjin Baotou Triangle, adjacent to Tianjin in the east, Xiongxian County in the west, Wen'an County in the south, and Gu'an County, Yongqing County and Anci District in the north. It is a city cluster around Beijing Tianjin and Bohai Sea. It covers an area of 801 square kilometers, 58 kilometers long from east to west and 28 kilometers wide from south to north. According to the data of the seventh census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, Bazhou has a permanent population of 743200.

Bazhou City, one of the first counties and cities to expand power in Hebei Province, is 80 kilometers away from the capital Beijing in the north, 70 kilometers away from the harbor city Tianjin in the east, and 65 kilometers away from the ancient city Baoding in the west. In September 2020, it was selected into the list of strong counties (cities and districts) in food industry in Hebei Province (cultivation type). It has a long history. The Qin Dynasty belongs to Guangyang County, and the Han Dynasty belongs to Yichang County, Zhuo County. After the Five Dynasties, Zhou Xiande established Bazhou in the sixth year (959 AD). Throughout the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, they were all directly under the government. In the second year of the Republic of China (1913), the prefecture was changed into a county, belonging to the Jingzhao Special Zone. In February 1990, the State Council approved the removal of the county to build a city, which opened a new page in Bazhou's history.

In 2021, Bazhou's GDP will reach 43.56 billion yuan, a growth rate of 4.1%.

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