Binyang County

Binyang County, under the jurisdiction of Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the south-central Guangxi, northeast of Nanning, adjacent to Qintang District, Guigang City in the east, Hengzhou City in the south, Xingning District and Qingxiu District in the south, Wuming District in the west, Shanglin County in the northwest, and Xingbin District, Laibin City in the northeast. Between latitude 22°54 '-- 23°27' north, longitude 108°32 '-- 109°15' east, the total area of 2308 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 16 towns.

Binyang is the hometown of Cheng Siyuan, former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and is known as the "hometown of Guangxi Hardware". The rice lotus interplanting technology is the first of its kind in China, and has been highly appraised by 10 academicians such as Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", and fully affirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture and promoted to the whole country. Academician Yuan Longping also wrote the inscription "The hometown of rice lotus interplanting -- Guangxi Binyang".

By the end of 2021, the registered population of Binyang County is 1,050,600. In 2021, Binyang County achieved the gross regional product of 315.5389 billion yuan, divided into industries: the primary industry added value of 7.0933 billion yuan, the secondary industry added value of 9.43543 billion yuan, the tertiary industry added value of 15.02313 billion yuan, the three industrial structure is 22.5:29.9:47.6.

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