changtai county

Changtai District is under the jurisdiction of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Located in the northeast of Zhangzhou City, with a total area of 912.67 square kilometers. The registered residence population is 210000. By 2020, Changtai District has four towns and one township under its jurisdiction, and Changtai District People's Government is located at No. 84 Jiefang Road, Wu'an Town.

In the Southern Tang Dynasty, Changtai County was established. In 2021, Changtai County will be abolished and Changtai District will be established. Changtai District is the national comprehensive pilot area of new urbanization, the national advanced county of village cleaning action, and the national demonstration county of safe agricultural machinery.

In 2021, Changtai District's GDP will reach 37.52 billion yuan, up 7.5%.

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