Chengjiang County

Chengjiang City (Chengjiang County), under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province and under the administration of Yuxi City, is located in the southeast of Kunming City, bordering Yiliang County along Nanpan River in the east, Jiangchuan District and Huating County in the south, Chenggong District and Jinning District in the west, and Chenggong District and Yiliang County in the north with Yangzonghai. It is 52 kilometers away from Kunming city and 87 kilometers away from Yuxi city, with a total area of 916 square kilometers. Between latitude 24°29' -- 24°55' north, longitude 102°47' -- 103°04' east. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, Chengjiang City's permanent population is 173,161 people.

Chengjiang history for the county, road, government, county, there is a "literary style does not let the central plains Sheng, folk customs also such as Taigu Chun" reputation. Chengjiang, with a subtropical plateau monsoon climate, is located in the central Yunnan urban economic circle, the Three Lakes ecological city cluster, the Fuxian Lake-Xingyun Lake Ecological Construction and Tourism reform and development comprehensive experimental zone, and the core area of Kunyu Tourism and cultural Industrial Economic Zone.

In 2021, Chengjiang achieved regional gross domestic product (GDP) of 15.36 billion yuan, among which, the primary industry is 1.46 billion yuan, the secondary industry is 2.98 billion yuan, the tertiary industry is 10.92 billion yuan, the proportion of tertiary industry is 9.5∶19.4∶71.1.

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