Chunhua County

Chunhua County, under the jurisdiction of Xianyang City of Shanxi Province, is located in the west of central Shanxi Province and the north of Xianyang City. It is located at 108°18 '-108 °50' east longitude and 34°43 '-35 °03' north latitude. It borders Xunyi in the north, Jingyang and Liquan in the south, Sanyuan and Yaoxian in the east, and Yongshou and Binzhou in the west across the Jinghe River, with a total area of 983 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 1 street and 7 towns.

In ancient times, Huangdi, the first ancestor of China, built the Ming Court in Ganquan Mountain, and cast tripod in Jingshan to worship God and rule the world. Zhou Qin Han Tang for the Jinggi Province, with "three auxiliary name" full Kyushu reputation. Chunhua has come to the land when it is ancient and has 324 historical relics and sites. The national rare "Western Zhou Dynasty Triangulus", the world's only "Tang three-stage teaching and Classics grottoes", the first highway in ancient China "Qin Straight Road", and the site of "Yeitai Mountain Counterattack" that shocked the world are all in Chunhua County.

By the end of 2021, Chunhua County has a permanent population of 141,500. In 2021, the GDP of Chunhua County reached 9.074 billion yuan, with a comparable increase of 8.1%. Specifically, the primary industry reached 3.423 billion yuan, up by 6.5%; The secondary industry reached 2.985 billion yuan, up by 11.2%; The tertiary industry reached 2.666 billion yuan, up by 6.9%. The proportion of three industries was 37.7:32.9:29.4. In 2021, the added value of the non-public economy in Chunhua County completed 4.921 billion yuan, accounting for 54.23% of the GDP.

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