dingtao county

Dingtao District/county, belonging to Heze City of Shandong Province, is located in the southwest of Shandong Province and the middle of Heze City, between 115°20' -- 115°47' east longitude and 34°57 "-- 35°15" north latitude. The total area is 846 square kilometers. Dingtao District is a warm temperate monsoon continental climate, with four distinct seasons of cold winter and hot summer, cool autumn and dry spring, abundant sunshine, and distinct four seasons. As of 2017, Dingtao District has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts and 10 towns, with the district government stationed in Tianzhong Subdistrict. According to the seventh census, the permanent population of Dingtao District was 54,016 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

Dingtao County was set up in the 26th year of the First Emperor of Qin (221 BC). According to the Records of the Grand Historian, in the late Spring and Autumn period, Fan Li helped Yue to kill Wu, then moved to Tao, "take Tao as the world", then settled down here and did business. "In nineteen years, three thousand pieces of gold", was respected by later generations as the Shang ancestors, after his death was buried in Tao, the name of Ding Tao began. On April 29, 2016, Dingtao county was divided into districts. There are Ji-Guangzhou expressway, Ji-he expressway, Japan - East expressway, Japan - South expressway, Hexu - Beijing - Kowloon Railway through the border. Dingtao District is the best investment city in Shandong Province, the construction model county of Pingan Shandong, the town of roses, the town of opera, the town of Martial arts. Dingtao District is named by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the "thousand years old County". There are cultural sites and historic sites such as the tomb group of the State of Cao in the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Fayuan Temple, Fanli Lake, the Altar of Emperor Gaoxi of Han Dynasty, the Tomb of Xiangliang, the Dianjiang Platform of Pengyue, and the Qiji Temple.

In 2020, Dingtao District's gross domestic product (GDP) reached 21.326 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3% over the previous year based on comparable prices. The added value of the primary industry was 2.913 billion yuan, up by 4.1%; The added value of the secondary industry was 7.587 billion yuan, up by 4%; The value added of the tertiary industry was 10.825 billion yuan, up by 8.9%

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