Erenhot, belonging to Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is located in the north of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, facing the Mongolian port city of Zamen ude on the north, 4.5 kilometers apart, east of Sunit Left Banner of Xilin Gol League, west and south adjacent to Sunit Right Banner. It is 360 kilometers from Xilin Hot, 390 kilometers from Hohhot and 690 kilometers from Beijing in Xilin Gol League. It is the closest land border port to the capital of Beijing. It is 714 kilometers away from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, and 7623 kilometers away from Moscow, the capital of Russia. The border is 72.3 kilometers long and covers an area of 4015 square kilometers. In 2021, Erenhot has a permanent population of 72,500 and a registered population of 36,600. As of October 2021, Erenhot is under the jurisdiction of one sou: Gezili Aodu Sou. Five Gacha, eight communities.

In 2021, Erenhot's GDP reached 7.456 billion yuan, an increase of 1.7% over the previous year based on comparable prices. The value added of the primary industry was 96 million yuan, and that of the secondary industry was 1.72 billion yuan; The tertiary industry added value of 5.64 billion yuan, per capita GDP 100,564 yuan.

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