fengcheng county-level city

Fengcheng, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yichun City in Jiangxi Province, is adjacent to Jinxian County of Nanchang City and Linchuan District of Fuzhou City in the east, Chongren County of Fuzhou City in the southeast, Le 'an County of Fuzhou City in the south, Xingan County of Ji 'an City in the southwest, Zhangshu City in the west and Gao 'an City in the northwest. With a total area of 2,845 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 20 towns, 7 townships, 6 subdistricts, and 607 community and village (residential) committees. By the end of 2021, the registered population of Fengcheng was 1,469,600.

Fengcheng County was established in the 15th year of Jian 'an of the Eastern Han Dynasty (210 years), and the southern border of Nanchang County was set into Fucheng County. In the sixth year of Taikang of Jin Dynasty (280 years), it was renamed Fengcheng County. In 1988, The State Council approved the withdrawal of counties and establishment of cities. Fengcheng is dominated by plain terrain, which gradually inclines from southwest to northeast, with crisscrosses of plains, hills and mounds. The main rivers in the territory are Ganjiang, Fuhe, Jinjiang. Beijing-kowloon Railway, Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Chang-Jiangxi high-speed railway, 105 National Road, Gan-Guangdong expressway, Chang-ning Expressway and Dong-Chang Expressway pass through.
In 2021, the GDP of Fengcheng City reached 61.29 billion yuan, an increase of about 8.9%; Total fiscal revenue reached 9.152 billion yuan, up by 13%; Revenue in the general public budget reached 5.011 billion yuan, an increase of 3.2%.

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