fenyang county-level city

Fenyang, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province and managed by Luliang City, is located in the western hinterland of Shanxi Province, the western edge of Taiyuan Basin, the eastern foot of Luliang, adjacent to Wenshui County in the east and north, intersected with Pingyao County and Jiexiu City in the southeast, Xiaoyi City in the southwest, and Zhongyang County and Lishi District in the west.

Fenyang City belongs to the temperate monsoon climate zone. It is cold in winter and hot in summer, with four distinct seasons. The city has jurisdiction over 3 streets and 11 towns, with a total area of 1179 square kilometers and a total resident population of 407647 in the seventh census.

Fenyang, known as the "Qinjin Dry Dock", is located at the node of Taiyuan Economic Circle and forms the sub center of Taiyuan Economic Circle together with Xiaoyi and Jiexiu. Fenyang is a famous wine city and the largest production base of light flavor Baijiu in China. Xinghua Village, the origin of Fenjiu and Zhuyeqing Liquor, and the first village of Chinese famous liquor, is located in Fenyang. Fenyang is also a key development zone for the main functions of the county economy in China, a town of Fenjiu, a town of walnuts, a town of millet, a town of chefs, a town of Chinese folk culture and art, an advanced city of national culture, an advanced city of national plain greening, an advanced city of national quality, a strong city of national food industry, a health city of Shanxi Province, a garden city of Shanxi Province, a civilized city of Shanxi Province, a famous historical and cultural city of Shanxi Province The venue of China Xinghua Village International Wine Expo.

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