Fuyuan County

Fuyuan County, affiliated to Qujing City, is located in the eastern part of Yunnan Province and the eastern part of Qujing City, between 25°~25°58 'north latitude and 103°58' ~104°49 'east longitude. It is adjacent to Panzhou in Guizhou Province in the east, Qilin District and Zhanyi District in the west, Luoping County in the south, Xingyi City in Guizhou Province, and Xuanwei City in the north. Fuyuan County covers an area of 3348 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 9 towns, 1 township, 2 subdistricts, 161 village committees (communities) and 1723 natural villages. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Fuyuan county was 675,229.

Fuyuan County is located in the eastern part of Yunnan Plateau, high in the northwest and low in the southeast, with mountains and canyons. The branch of Wumeng Mountain runs from north to south throughout the whole territory, belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate, with abundant precipitation, mild four seasons, and annual average temperature of about 14℃. The rivers within the county belong to the Pearl River Basin. In April 2019, the People's Government of Yunnan Province decided to withdraw Fuyuan County from the list of poverty-stricken counties. The top 100 counties and cities in Western China.

In 2021, Fuyuan County achieved a gross regional product (GDP) of 29056 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 14.1%. The proportion of tertiary industrial structure in Fuyuan County was adjusted from 23.4:41.2:35.4 in the previous year to 19.4:46.8:33.8.

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