gucheng county

Gucheng County, under the jurisdiction of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, is located in the southeast of Hebei Province, at the junction of Hebei Province and Shandong Province, between 115 ° 44 ′ 40 ″ E~116 ° 16 ′ 50 ″ N and 37 ° 3 ′ 15 ″ N~37 ° 32 ′ 40 ″ N, with a sub humid continental monsoon climate in the north temperate zone. The total area of Gucheng County is 941 square kilometers. As of October 2021, Gucheng County has jurisdiction over 11 towns and 2 townships. The county people's government is located in Zhengkou Town. As of February 2022, the total population of Gucheng County is 528000.

In the Xia, Shang and Western Zhou dynasties, the Gucheng County belonged to Yanzhou. On May 18, 1961, the Gucheng County was restored. Gucheng County is adjacent to Shide Railway and Hengde Expressway in the north, Beijing Jiulong Railway and Daguang Expressway in the west, Beijing Taizhou Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Railway and Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway in the east, and Germany Shanghai Expressway runs through the north and south. It is an important node for the economic integration of Hebei and Shandong, and is deeply integrated into the Beijing Tianjin Hebei 2-hour economic circle. Gucheng County is known as the Health County of Hebei Province, an advanced county in Hebei Province to optimize the business environment and promote high-quality development in 2021, and a major county in cotton seed production. The main scenic spots are Qinglin Temple Tower, Martyrs Cemetery, etc.

In 2021, the GDP of Gucheng County will reach 12.41 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 7.7%.


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