Gulang County

Gulang County, a county under the jurisdiction of Wuwei City, Gansu Province, is located at the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor, and is the hub of the ancient Silk Road. Gulang Tibetan abbreviation for Gulangwa means the place where the yellow sheep haunt.

In April 2021, Gulang County has a total area of 5046 square kilometers. It is connected to Jingtai County of Baiyin City and Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County of Wuwei City in the southeast, Liangzhou District of Wuwei City in the northwest, and Tengger Desert in the north. It is the intersection of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Mongolian Plateau and Loess Plateau. According to the data of the seventh population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Gulang County is 250177.

Gulang County has obvious geographical advantages. It has been famous for its important geographical location since ancient times, which is "the post roads are connected with three auxiliary facilities, and the gorge gate is controlled by five cools". Lianhuo Expressway G30, National Highway 312 and Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway run through the north and south. Provincial Highway 308, 316, Yingshuang Expressway and Ganwu Railway run through the east and west. County and township highways such as Lianggu Road, Jingu Road, Dahai Road and Shitiao Road jointly build a convenient traffic network.

Gulang has a long history and culture. As early as the Neolithic Age more than 4000 years ago, there were ancestors. The county was established in the second year of Yuanshou (121 BC) of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. In the early Ming Dynasty, the water was named Gulangwa (Tibetan, meaning Huangyanggou). There are many cultural sites in the county, such as Yangshao, Majiayao, Qijia Shajing and so on. There are a large number of cultural relics, such as painted pottery, bronze of the Han Dynasty, gilded Buddha of the Tang Dynasty, porcelain of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, water and land paintings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the "Ganjul" Tripitaka.

In 2018, Gulang County achieved a GDP of 5.106 billion yuan, an increase of 1.4% over the previous year at comparable prices. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 1.798 billion yuan, up 6.4%; The added value of the secondary industry was 1.11 billion yuan, down 7%; The added value of the tertiary industry was 2.198 billion yuan, up 3.3%. The proportion of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the county's GDP is 35.21:21.74:43.05.

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