Hengyang County

Hengyang County, under the Hengyang City of Hunan Province, located in the northwest of Hengyang City, the middle reaches of the Xiangjiang River, because is located in the south of the southern mountain Hengshan named, east and Nanyue District, Hengshan County, south Pizhengxiang District, Stone drum district, Hengnan County, west adjacent to Qidong County, Shaoyang City Shaodong County, north and Loudi City Shuangfeng County bordering. East and west 74 kilometers wide, 55 kilometers long north and south, a total area of 2558 square kilometers, Hengyang city about 10 kilometers away. It has jurisdiction over 17 towns and 8 townships.

Hengyang County is rich in products, known as the "hometown of fish and rice", known as the "hometown of nonferrous metals" and "hometown of non-metal" reputation. Hengyang County is an important commodity grain production base in southern China, but also an important production area for agricultural and sideline products such as pigs. Beijing-guangzhou Railway, Huaishaoheng Railway, Anzhangheng Railway through the border.

By the end of 2021, Hengyang County resident population 883,200. In 2021, Hengyang County to achieve gross regional product (GDP) 39.491 billion yuan, divided into industries, the primary industry to achieve value added 7.366 billion yuan, the secondary industry to achieve value added 14.496 billion yuan, the tertiary industry to achieve value added 17.629 billion yuan, three industrial structure ratio of 18.7:36.7: 44.6, per capita GDP reached 44,582 yuan.

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