Hu county

Hu city (hu yi) area, belonging to xi 'an, shanxi province originally called Hu county, being one, situated in the southwest of xi 'an east river with high crown river, adjacent to changan district, south ridge and the ridge in Qin Lingzhu ankang municipality NingShan county, adjacent, west to the white horse river and there is bounded and wei river in the north and xingping, xianyang shores qindu, with a total area of 1282 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 14 streets.

Hu near the ancient city of chang an city, the ancient both capital city, for a long history, has now been found in the neolithic site of 25, as early as six or seven thousand years ago the primitive commune for human habitation and in agricultural production. Xia to the tenure there's party, shang for worship, qin said Hu city. Xiao of qin twelve years (before 350) moved the capital xianyang rear Hu county [37]. Hu city area is the home of the Chinese modern folk painting, the hometown of Chinese poetry, the national civilized town, the national health county and the national game of the township.

At the end of 2021 Hu city area census register population 603567 people. 2022, Hu city zone's GDP totaled 33.53 billion yuan, up 16.5% from a year earlier, the rules on the industrial added value growth rate of 70%, the rules on the gross value of industrial output rose 152.3%, year-on-year growth of investment in fixed assets 68%, the per capita disposable income 22106 yuan, up 4.7% from a year earlier

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