huangchuan county

Huangchuan County, called Guangzhou in ancient times, is the birthplace of the Huang family and the Fuguang Chen family. It is located in the southeast of Henan Province and the middle east of Xinyang City. The total area is 1666.1 square kilometers. On March 1, the second year of the Republic of China (1913), the State Council approved the transformation of Guangzhou into Huangchuan County. According to the data of the seventh census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Huangchuan County is 636700.

Historically, Huangchuan (Guangzhou) has long been the political, economic and cultural center of southeast Henan, known as "the important town of Heluo, the upstream of Wu and Chu", and the hometown of Huang Xie, the king of Chunshen, and Chen Yuanguang, the holy king of Kaizhang. With a long history and many heroes, Huangchuan is also a place where people gather together in a large number of places.

Huangchuan integrates highways, railways (Beijing Jiulong Railway, Nanjing West Railway, Beijing Jiulong High Speed Railway, Hefei Kangding High Speed Railway), waterways and aviation. It is known as the "Golden Triangle" at the junction of Hubei, Henan and Anhui provinces, and is a regional central city in the Dabie Mountains. Huangchuan has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, fertile land and rich products. It is known as the "land of fish and rice", "land of high-quality glutinous rice in China", "land of flowers and trees in China" and "turtle kingdom". It is rich in rice, rape, wheat and aquatic products, and its specialties include Guangzhou tea, Guangzhou tribute noodles, Chinese turtle, Huangchuan Jingui, Guangzhou ginger, Huainan duck, etc.

Huangchuan is a strong county in the national food industry, a demonstration county of national agricultural comprehensive standardization, a national flower and tree production base county, a top 100 county in the national meat production, a key county in the province's fishery, and an advanced county in the province's grain production. In 2020, the county will achieve a total annual output value of 30.695 billion yuan.

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