Huanglong County

Huanglong County, affiliated to Yan 'an City, Shanxi Province, is located in the loess Plateau hilly and gully region, in the north central part of Shanxi Province, the southeast margin of Yan 'an City. It borders Luochuan on the west, Baishui, Chengcheng and Heyang on the south, Hancheng on the east and Yichuan on the north. Between 35°24 '05" -- 36°02' 1" north latitude, 109°38 '49" -- 110°16' 49" east longitude, north-south length 69.754 kilometers, east-west width 62.195 kilometers, a total area of 2752 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 5 towns and 2 townships.

The skull fossil of "Yellow Dragon Man" unearthed in Huanglong County about 50,000 years ago filled a missing link in the history of human development in China, and found the largest giant stone yue from the Neolithic age in China. There are many Yangshao cultural sites and ancient temples, cliff grottoes. In the 1920s, Liu Zhidan, Xie Zichang, Guo Baoshan and other revolutionary ancestors carried out revolutionary activities here, is one of the birthplace of the Red 25 Army, the famous Northwest victory -- Wazijie campaign was launched here, this campaign is also the Chinese People's Liberation Army from strategic defense to strategic counterattack turning point.

By the end of 2021, Huanglong County has a permanent population of 40,700. In 2021, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Huanglong County reached 2.253.4 billion yuan, of which the added value of the primary industry was 782.7 million yuan, the secondary industry 545.9 million yuan and the tertiary industry 924.9 million yuan. The composition of three industries is 34.7:24.2:41.1. The per capita GDP was 55,029 yuan.

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