jaingdu county-level city

Jiangdu District, subordinate to Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province, bordering Gaogang District, Hailing District and Jiangyan District of Taizhou City in the east, the Yangtze River in the south, Guangling District of Yangzhou City in the west, and Gaoyou City and Xinghua City in the north. The total area of the district is 1332.54 square kilometers, with 13 towns, 65 communities and 263 administrative villages under its jurisdiction. By the end of 2021, the permanent population of Jiangdu District was 932700, and the urbanization rate of the permanent population was 61.2%.

Jiangdu was known as Longchuan in ancient times, and was named after "the water capital of the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers converges here". Jiangdu County was built in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Jingdi in the Western Han Dynasty (153 BC); In July 1994, Jiangdu County was withdrawn and Jiangdu City was built; In November 2011, the county-level Jiangdu District was abolished and Yangzhou Jiangdu District was established. In Jiangdu District, there are Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, Qiyang Expressway, Nanjing-Qi'an Railway and Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway running through.

In 2021, Jiangdu District will achieve a regional GDP of 122054 billion yuan, with a comparable price increase of 8%. The added value of the primary industry was 7.483 billion yuan, up 1.3%; The added value of the secondary industry was 61.921 billion yuan, up 9.3%; The added value of the tertiary industry was 52.65 billion yuan, up 7.5%.

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