Jinggang Mountain, located in the southeast of Eurasia continent, is located in the third grade terrain of mainland China, in the south of the Yangtze River and north of Nanling Mountains in the middle of the eastern slope of the mountain, the whole mountain shows a northeastern-southwest trend. It is located between latitude 26°13'04 "-- 26°52'30" north and longitude 113°59'12 "-- 114°18'28" east.

The overall terrain of Jinggangshan is high in the southwest, and gradually decreases to the north and east. The highest peak is south wind side, 2120.4 meters above sea level, the lowest is Xiangzhou River Valley, 230 meters above sea level, the maximum relative height of nearly 1900 meters, the peak elevation is more than 1000 meters above sea level. Jinggangshan has a subtropical warm and humid monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 14.2℃, annual precipitation of 1836.5 mm, annual sunshine duration of 1511 hours, and annual effective accumulated temperature of 4007℃.

Jinggangshan has high geological value, which is the witness of the geological evolution of the Paleosouth China plate and the representative of the modern basin ridge landform. At the same time, Jinggangshan is a natural refuge for all kinds of rare and endangered species, relicent species, living fossils, as well as all kinds of primitive taxa, regional endemic species and endemic species in China. It is a rare example of Tertiary living fossil forest Museum in the mountain region of East Asia and South China ancient land fold geological structure.

In October 1927, the sixteenth year of the Republic of China (1927), the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base, China's first rural revolutionary base with Ninggang County as the center, was founded, opening up a revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics of "encircling cities with rural areas and seizing political power by armed force". There are more than 100 well-preserved relics of old revolutionary sites in Jinggangshan, of which 26 are listed as key cultural relics under national protection, six as key cultural relics under provincial protection and 35 as civilization under municipal protection. It is known as "the cradle of the Chinese revolution" and "the cornerstone of the People's Republic of China".

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