jingle county

Jingle County, another name Goose City, is under the jurisdiction of Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, located in the northwest of Shanxi Shanxi Shanxi Loess Plateau, west of Xinzhou City, northwest of Taiyuan City. It covers an area of 2058 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 6 towns, 6 townships, 1 resident affairs center and 207 administrative villages. According to the seventh census data, Jingle County's permanent population was 119,277 as of midnight on November 1, 2020. In 2020, the GDP of Jingle County reached 3.72 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 9.23%.

It is adjacent to Xinfu District and Yangqu in the east, Loufan and Gujiao in the south, LAN County and Kelan in the west, and Ningwu and Yuanping in the north. Taijia, Xinbao, Jingxing three high-speed across the county, Xinhei Line, Ningbai Line, Kangbei line network distribution, railway has the operation of tranquility railway, quiet railway construction, after completion and opening to traffic, south Taixing line, north and North Tongpu line, Shuohuang line connected.

In October 2017, it was named national garden county by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In July 2019, it won the title of "China Natural Oxygen Bar" creation area in 2019.
On February 27, 2020, with the approval of Shanxi Provincial government, Jingle County was removed from the impoverished county. In July, the National Committee for the Protection of Health confirmed Jingle County as the National Health County in 2019.

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