jingshan county

Jingshan County (Jingshan County) generally refers to Jingshan City
Jingshan, Hubei Province, Jingmen city management county-level city, Wuhan city circle observer, known as the "emerald of Hubei" said, is located in central Hubei province, the southern foot of Dahongshan Mountain, the north end of Jianghan plain, east of Anlu, Yingcheng City, south of Tianmen City, west of Zhongxiang city, north Suizhou city, between 112°43′-113°29′, Between 30°42′-31°27′ north latitude, it is the only important node city covered by Yangtze River Economic Belt, Han River Ecological Economic Belt, Wuhan City circle, western Hubei eco-cultural tourism circle, China Agricultural Valley "two belts and three circles".

With a total area of 3,520 square kilometers, Jingshan has jurisdiction over 3 subdistricts and 12 towns. In 2019, the regional GDP of Jingshan was 43.01 billion yuan. Jingshan is located in the transition zone from hilly area of central Hubei to Jianghan Plain. The terrain inclines from northwest to southeast. There are mainly four landforms: low mountain, hill, upland and plain. North subtropical monsoon climate zone, four distinct seasons, sufficient light, rich heat; The forest coverage rate reached 45.39%.
Jingshan is one of the birthplaces of the farming culture in China. The Qujialing Culture was born in the Neolithic Age. Since the Han Dynasty, Yundu County has been established for more than 2,200 years. The Greenwood Uprising in the late Xinmang years originated here. Beam ordinary years set new state; Western Wei Dynasty and Tang Dynasty set Wenzhou, to the territory of the Tang Weir hot spring named. Sui Daye three years (607 years) began to call "Jingshan", because of the east of the city "Jingyuan Mountain" named.

Jingshan is a national ecological city, a national garden city, a town of tennis in China, a town of bird watching in China, a famous city of light machinery in China, and a natural oxygen bar in China. It is also one of the top ten cities of ecological civilization and one of the top Ten cities of ecological leisure tourism in China, and one of the most suitable places for human habitation by UNESCO. There are 6 national parks, tourist attractions represented by Yuanyang Creek, Lvlin Village, Beauty Valley and Kongcave, as well as the rare Shuangliao (containing fluorine and radon) hot springs in China.
In 2019, Jingshan was selected as the top 100 counties (cities) in Central China, ranking 35th in central China and 8th in Hubei Province.

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