Jingtai County

Jingtai County, subordinate to Baiyin City of Gansu Province, is located in the middle of Gansu Province, at the east end of Hexi Corridor, at the junction of Gansu, Ningxia and Mongolia provinces (regions), between 36°43 'to 37°38' north latitude and 103°33 'to 104°43' east longitude. The total area of the county is 5483 square kilometers. Jingtai County is a temperate arid continental climate, under the jurisdiction of 8 towns, 3 townships, the county government in a mountain town. In 2021, Jingtai County had a permanent population of 214,400.

Jingtai County, the county name means "prosperity, peace and prosperity". West Han Quail Yin, Quail Wei County, belongs to Wuwei County. Qing belongs to Lanzhou Fugaolan, Jingyuan County. Qing Dynasty Qianlong twenty-two years (1757) in today's Hongshui Town Hongshui County, Gaolan County. The Republic of China two years (1913) in red water County. Twenty-two years of the Republic of China (1933) and Jingyuan County west of the Yellow River into Hongshui County, renamed Jingtai County, today's Luyang Town. In May 1978, the Jingtai County Government seat Luyang was moved to Yitao Mountain (now Yitao Town). Bao (first) LAN (state) railway throughout the territory, Gan (Tang) Wu (Wei) railway through the northern county. On December 31, 2019, it was selected as a national typical county for rural innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2021, the GDP of Jingtai County was 7.092 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4% over the previous year based on comparable prices. The added value of the primary industry is 2.065 billion yuan, and that of the secondary industry is 2.101 billion yuan. The added value of the tertiary industry is 2.926 billion yuan, and the tertiary industry structure is 29:30:41.

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