Jingyuan County

Jingyuan County, which belongs to Guyuan City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is located at the east foot of Liupan Mountain and is the southern gate of Ningxia. It is bounded between 106°12 '-106°29' east longitude and 35°15 '-35°38' north latitude. [26] Located in the geometric center of Xi 'an, Lanzhou and Yinchuan, the three provincial capitals of Shaanxi, Gansu, Pingliang City Kongtong District of Gansu Province in the east, Huating County and Zhuanglang County of Gansu Province in the south, Longde County in the west and Yuanzhou District and Pengyang County in the north, it is known as "the throat of Qin Wind and the key place of Guanlong". As of 2019, Jingyuan County has jurisdiction over 4 townships and 3 towns with a total land area of 1,131 square kilometers. According to the 7th census data, Jingyuan County had a permanent resident population of 85,023 as of midnight on November 1, 2020. County people's government in perfume town.

There are more than 30 cultural and natural landscapes in the territory, such as Yanling Temple cultivated by Ji Gong, Liangdian Gorge where Genghis Khan used to camp his troops for summer vacation, magical and beautiful Lao Longtan, Rouge Gorge with flowing springs and waterfalls, Wild Lotus Valley with brilliant lotus leaves, etc., which has been awarded "the Most Beautiful Eco-Leisure Tourism County in China", "The Most Beautiful Leisure Tourism County in China", and "the Top Ten Eco-Tourism Cities in China". "Jingyuan Yellow Cattle" and "Yanchitan Mutton" have passed the geographical indication certification of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2021, Jingyuan County achieved the gross regional product of 2234.37 million yuan, including: the added value of the primary industry of 30.05 million yuan, the secondary industry of 395.97 million yuan, the tertiary industry of 1538.35 million yuan. The per capita GDP of the year was 25,981 yuan, an increase of 5.9 percent over the previous year.

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