Jintang County

Jintang County is affiliated to Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, located in the northeast of Chengdu Plain, with Zhongjiang County of Deyang City in the east, Jianyang City and Ziyang City Lezhi County in the south, Guanghan City and Zhongjiang County of Deyang City in the north, Qingbaijiang District and Longquanyi District in the west, It is between 104°20 '37 "-- 104°52' 56" east longitude and 30°29 '10 "-- 30°57' 41" north latitude, with a total area of 1155.62 square kilometers. Jintang County has jurisdiction over 6 subdistricts and 10 towns.

Jintang County is the key development county of "Chengdu Plain Economic Circle" and "characteristic industry development area" of Chengdu. Zhonghe River, Pihe River, Beihe River through the city, has the "Tianfu Garden water City" reputation. Is the national intellectual property strong county project pilot county.

By the end of 2021, Jintang County has a registered population of 904,000. In 2021, Jintang County achieved a gross regional product (GDP) of 52.44 billion yuan, in which the added value of the primary industry was 6.91 billion yuan, the secondary industry 20.45 billion yuan and the tertiary industry 25.08 billion yuan. The structure of the tertiary industry was 13.2:39:47.8.

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