Keshiketenqi is located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, the northwest of Chifeng city, the resident by Peng town, is located in the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the southern end of the Greater Khingan Mountains and Yanshan mountain extension of seven old figure mountain intersection, north and south of 207 kilometers, 170 kilometers wide, a total area of 20673 square kilometers. Hexigten Banner is translated into Mongolian as "personal army guard". Jurisdiction over 13 Sumu towns, 3 streets. It is an area inhabited by Mongolian, Manchu, Han, Hui and other 10 ethnic groups with Mongolian as the main body. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on 1 November 2020, the permanent population of Hexigtenqi was 186,143.

Hexigten Qi is high in the west and low in the east, with an average altitude of 1100 meters in the north of the hexigten banner. Is a temperate continental monsoon climate, annual average temperature 2 ~ 4℃, frost-free period 60 ~ 150 days, annual rainfall 250 ~ 500 mm. Minerals are gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, iron, coal, fluorite and so on. Ji (Ning) Tong (Liao) Railway, 303 National Road transit, 306 National road access.

The historic sites are the Yuan Yingchang Road (Lu Wang City) ruins and Jinjie trench remains. There are glacier remains, granite forest, hot springs, volcanic landforms as one of nearly 180 square kilometers of geopark.

On April 18, 2019, the People's government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided to withdraw Hexigten Banner from the poverty-stricken county list. In December 2020, it was selected into the list of model cities (Banner County and urban area) of Shuangyong Autonomous Region. In 2020, Hexigtenqi's regional GDP reached 12.44 billion yuan, up 1.7 percent year on year.

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