laiyang county-level city

Laiyang City, a county - level city in Shandong Province, is administered by Yantai City. It is located in the east of Shandong Province, adjacent to Yantai in the north and Qingdao in the south. It has been the "hinterland of Jiaodong" since ancient times. For the low hilly area, hilly and gentle, ravines crisscross; It is a temperate monsoon climate. It has jurisdiction over 5 subdistricts and 13 towns, with a total area of 1732 square kilometers. In 2021, Laiyang City has a permanent resident population of 791,400.

Laiyang City, the name comes from the "sun and moon out of the East Lai Yang". Ancient for "Changyang", "long Guang", and "pear city", "dragon city" title. Laiyang Pear is known as "Pear Town of China" because of its unique climate and soil conditions. The first dinosaur fossil of New China has been unearthed here, which is known as the "hometown of Dinosaurs in China". Laiyang has been known since ancient times as the "hometown of calligraphy" and "hometown of calligraphy". A number of patriotic literati such as Zhang Mengli and Zuo Maodi emerged. It is the birthplace of Quanzhen Religion, known as the "ancestral court of Taoism", where Qiu Chuji, Ma Danyang and other missionaries established schools. It is the birthplace of the national intangible cultural heritage "Praying Mantis Boxing". Laiyang has a number of tourist attractions with local cultural characteristics, such as Cretaceous National Geopark, Zhuo Village, Li Township custom tourist area, Luer Port, Niangniang Mountain, Dragon King Temple, Jinshan Pagoda and so on.

In 2021, the GDP of Laiyang City was 47.92 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%. The value added of the primary industry was 6.204 billion yuan and that of the secondary industry was 19.627 billion yuan. The added value of the tertiary industry was 22.089 billion yuan, and the tertiary industrial structure was 12.9:41:46.1.

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