lijin county

Lijin County, located in the northern part of Shandong Province, is located between 118°07 '-118 °54' east longitude and 37°22 '-38 °12' north latitude. It is 102.5 kilometers long from north to south and 8.5 -- 25 kilometers wide from east to west, with a total area of 1665.6 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 2 streets, 4 towns and 2 townships.

Lijin has a long history, the Spring and Autumn period, known as "the salt of the canal exhibition". Jin Mingchang three years (1193) January county, has a history of more than 800 years. The ancient city of Lijin is called "Phoenix City" because its outline looks like a phoenix. During the War of Resistance in Shandong Province is the liberation of the first county. The celebrities are the "Four Great Sages" of the Qing Dynasty, Feng Yunhe, the expert of ramie, Li Zhuru, the pioneer of the revolution, Zhao Huanzhang, the famous director (the movie Xiyingmen, etc.), and Yang Lide, founder of Shandong Kuaishou, etc. The folk art is the dance "Tiger Bullfighter", bamboo horse lamp, Money lamp, etc. The local snacks are Lijin Fried Buns, the old Yellow River Style Fresh Fish Soup, and Salt Cave Sheep Soup.

By the end of 2021, Lijin County has a permanent resident population of 238,400. In 2021, the regional GDP of Lijin County reached 28.064 billion yuan, in which the added value of the primary industry reached 4.011 billion yuan, the added value of the secondary industry reached 13.563 billion yuan, and the added value of the tertiary industry reached 10.490 billion yuan, increasing by 11.3%. The structure of the three industries was 14.3:48.3:37.4.

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