Linwu County

Linwu County, under the Chenzhou City of Hunan Province, is located in the southernmost part of Hunan Province, the northern foot of the eastern section of Nanling Mountains, the east and southeast of Yizhang County bordering Lianzhou City of Guangdong Province, southwest and Lanshan County, northwest and Jiahe County, north and Guiyang County border, northeast and Beihu District. Linwu is one of the oldest counties in southern Hunan. It was established in the Warring States Period as Linwu, and was established in 202 BC in the fifth year of Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty. The county covers an area of 1,383.06 square kilometers. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Linwu County was 322,987. Linwu County covers an area of 1,383 square kilometers. By the end of 2019, Linwu County had jurisdiction over 13 towns.

Linwu is rich in mineral resources, with 32 kinds of 9 types of proven minerals, among which the tin reserves rank the fourth in China and the first in the province. It has the reputation of "the hometown of small colored people" and "the hometown of coal". The main scenic spots include Linwu Thirty-six Bay, Xiuyan Fengyue Park, Jinxianzhai Tourist Area, Shimen Dragon Cave, Xiyao Green Valley National Forest Park, etc. Linwu local specialties are Linwu honey pomelo, big chong pepper, taro, red peach, plum and so on. On January 25, 2019, Linwu County was selected as the national "Safe Agricultural Machinery" demonstration County in 2018. On December 6, 2019, it was selected as a pilot unit to promote the quality improvement of farmer cooperatives in the whole county.

In July 2020, the National Health Care Committee decided to name Linwu County as the 2017-2019 National Health County. On January 29, 2021, it was selected into the list of regions with notable achievements in 2020 published by Hunan Provincial People's Government (the "three nots" in the province's petition work were established to meet the standards in counties and urban areas).

In 2020, the GDP of Linwu County was 1.461276 million yuan, an increase of 4.3% over the previous year based on comparable prices. The added value of the primary industry was 176.443 million yuan, up by 4.5% year on year; The added value of the secondary industry was 6316.79 million yuan, up 4.6% year on year; The added value of the tertiary industry was 653.154 million yuan, up by 4.0 percent year on year.

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