linxi county

Linxi County, subordinate to Xingtai City, Hebei Province, is located in the east of Xingtai City, bordering Qinghe County to the north, Guantao County and Guanxian County of Handan to the south, Qiu County of Handan to the west, and Linqing County of Shandong to the east. With a total area of 542 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over nine townships and 299 administrative villages, with a permanent population of 326,968 (in 2020).

In the Han Dynasty, Qingyuan County was set up (now Linxi). In the Northern Wei Dynasty, it was renamed Linqing County (now Linxi). After the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, the county government migrated to Shuidong (now Linqing) and became the Hexi part of Linqing County. In 1964, five districts west of the Wei Canal in Linqing County were set up in Linxi County. In the history of Linxi County, celebrities such as Wang Yanchao, a famous general of the Northern Song Dynasty, Xie Zhen, a writer of the Ming Dynasty, and Lv Yulan, a national model worker emerged. There are scenic spots and historic sites such as the Beijing Hangzhou Canal, the ruins of the ancient city of Linqing, the Yuewa Temple, and other cultural heritages such as Tanjiao, Luan Tan, and hollow surfaces.

Linxi County mainly produces wheat, corn and other crops, forming an industrial system of cotton spinning, building materials, machinery, etc. Bearing is its characteristic pillar industry. In 2020, Linxi County will achieve a GDP of 8.01 billion yuan and a public budget revenue of 540 million yuan.

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