Luchuan County

Luchuan County is under the jurisdiction of Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with Beiliu City in the east, Yuzhou District in the north, Bobai County in the west, and Lianjiang and Huazhou cities in Guangdong Province in the south. The county is named after six rivers: Jiuzhou River, Mima River, Shahu River, Rongjiang River, Low Yang River and Qinghu River. The total area is 1154 square kilometers. Jurisdiction over 14 towns and 164 administrative villages (communities). The county has a permanent population of 804,427 (7th census in 2020).

By the end of 2019, the GDP of Luchuan County had reached 19.638 billion yuan.
Luchuan County is known as the "town of hot springs" reputation. The southern part of the county is only more than 70 kilometers from Zhanjiang port, the largest port city in South China, and more than 120 kilometers from Beihai City, a coastal open city. It is the forefront of Yulin's integration into the Pearl River Delta economic zone and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. It is the second largest Hakka inhabited county in Guangxi, the red land where the first shot was fired in the anti-Japanese armed uprising in southeast Guangxi, and the first batch of open tourism counties in Guangxi. In the north of Luchuan County, Cantonese (Gou Gou pian - vernacular) is used, while Hakka (Ya Hua) is used in the south of the county.

Luchuan County famous local products are Luchuan pig, small excavator, iron pot, mineral water, soy sauce, Huai Shan and so on. It is the capital of iron pot in China, the largest production and export base of small excavators in China, the origin of Luchuan pig, one of the eight best bred pigs in China, the major county of live pig transfer, the national demonstration county of high grain yield, the national commercial grain base county, and the pilot county of new rural cooperative Medical treatment.

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