Maigaiti County

Maigaiti County, subordinate to Kashgar region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located in the southwest of Xinjiang, the east of Kashgar region, and the southwest edge of Taklimakan Desert. It is located between 77 ° 28 ′ - 79 ° 05 ′ E and 38 ° 25 ′ - 39 ° 22 ′ N. The administrative area is 10883 square kilometers. By the end of 2019, the registered residence population of Maigaiti County was 238984. As of October 2021, Maigaiti County has jurisdiction over 2 towns, 8 townships, and 3 township units. The county people's government is located in Maigaiti Town.

In the Han Dynasty, it was under the jurisdiction of the Shache State. In June 1956, the Shache Commissioner's Office was revoked, and Megiti belonged to Kashgar exclusively. S310 to Kashgar and S215 to Basha pass through the line. S16 Makkah Expressway, S13 Sansha Expressway and G217 National Highway meet in our county, forming a high-density traffic network with highways, national highways and provincial highways as the skeleton, and becoming an important transportation hub city for Kashgar to enter from east to west. Maigaiti County is a list of China's top 100 gourmet counties and cities in 2020 and a demonstration county for the construction of Ping An China. The main scenic spots include Taklimakan N39 ° Desert Tourist Attraction, Yerqiang River Ecological Culture Park, and Daolang Qiandao Lake.

In 2020, Maigaiti County will achieve a GDP of 6.328 billion yuan.

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