minhou county

Minhou County, known as the "capital of the eight Fujian provinces", belongs to Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is located in the east of Fujian Province, southwest of the provincial capital Fuzhou City, between 25 ° 47 '- 26 ° 36' north latitude and 118 ° 52 '- 119 ° 25' east longitude. The length from north to south is 89.7 kilometers, and the width from east to west is 55 75 kilometers, with a total area of 2136 square kilometers. Minhou County is in the middle subtropical climate zone, with a mild climate, with four seasons like spring, long summer without heat and short winter without cold. By 2019, Minhou County has jurisdiction over 1 street, 8 towns and 6 townships, and the county government is located in Sugarcane Street. According to the data of the seventh population census, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent resident population of Minhou County was 988200.

In the first year of Qin Shihuang (221 BC), Qin unified the whole country and built Minzhong County in Fujian Province. In the sixth year of the Taiping Reign of the Song Dynasty (981), Huai'an County was set up in nine townships of Min County. The three counties of Fujian, Houguan and Huai'an are all subordinate to Fuzhou Weiwu Army. In the Yuan Dynasty, Fujian, Houguan and Huai'an were under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou Road. In March of the second year of the Republic of China (1913), Min County and Houguan County were merged into Minhou County. [6] There are seven towns in Minhou County bordering or facing the urban area of Fuzhou across the river. Seven river-crossing bridges (excluding railway bridges and high-speed bridges), such as Hongtang, Pushang and Wanbian, connect Minhou with the urban area of Fuzhou. The high-speed railway, national highway and provincial highway in Minhou County crisscross and form a 30-minute traffic circle around the urban area.

In 2020, the gross regional product will reach 79.3 billion yuan, an increase of 5.0%, of which 4.85 billion yuan will be achieved in the primary industry, an increase of 3.7%; The secondary industry completed 41.34 billion yuan, up 5.1%; The tertiary industry completed 33.11 billion yuan, up 4.9%. The proportion of three industries is 6.1:52.1:41.8.

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