Ningqiang County

Ningqiang County, subordinate to Hanzhong City of Shanxi Province, is located in the west of Hanzhong City, east of Mian County, Nanzheng County, west of Gansu Province Kang County, Wudu District, south of Sichuan Province Chaotian District, Wangcang County, Qingchuan County, north of the border with Yongyang County, an area of 3260.34 square kilometers. As of October 2022, Ningqiang County has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts and 16 towns. In 2021, the registered population of Ningqiang County was 321,823.

Ningqiang County, known as the "three thousand Li Han River first city" reputation. Summer, belongs to Liangzhou. In the Shang Dynasty and the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was acquired by the Qiang nationality. Ming Chenghua twenty-one years (1485), the establishment of Ning Qiang prefecture. The Republic of China two years (1913), change Ning Qiang state for Ning Qiang County. In the 24th year of the Republic of China (1935), the Red Fourth Army conquered Ningqiang and established two county-level Suvierian regimes in Ningqiang and Yangpingguan. Thirty-one years of the Republic of China (1942) January, Ningqiang County changed to Ningqiang County. In November 2015, Ningqiang County was awarded the "Hometown of Nuo Culture of China's Qiang Nationality" by the Chinese Folk Writers and Artists Association.

In 2021, the GDP of Ningqiang County was 12.499 billion yuan; Per capita GDP 49132 yuan; The per capita disposable income of residents is 22,158 yuan.

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