Pengxi County

Pengxi County, an old revolutionary base area of China, is now affiliated to Suining City of Sichuan Province, located in the east of the central part of Sichuan Basin. It borders Chuanshan District of Suining City, Shehong City, Daying County, Wusheng County of Guang 'an City, Jialing District and Xichong County of Nanchong City, and Tongnan District and Hexuan District of Chongqing City. The county covers an area of 1251 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 1 street office, 17 towns and 2 townships. County government in red town. By the end of 2021, the resident population of Pengxi County was 42.0 thousand. In 2021, the GDP of Pengxi County reached 1912.86 million yuan.

Pengxi County is the seat of the first county-level Suvier government established by the Communist Party of China in Sichuan Province. It is also the hometown of Chinese calligraphy, the advanced County of national mass sports, the advanced County of culture in Sichuan Province, the provincial Pingan County, and the pilot county of the second batch of powerful counties in Sichuan Province. Known as "Zi east Zou Lu", "five history of the township", "filial son's hometown", "China Dongjing music birthplace", "ancient mural art of the township", "big music township", "China Gate capital" and other reputation.

Famous tourist attractions in the city are Chicheng Lake, Gaofeng Mountain, Chinese Red Sea, Kuang Jixun Park, Baofan Temple, Pengxi Kui Pagoda, Community Temple, Changle Temple, Gaodong Temple, etc.
In January 2019, Pengxi County was awarded the title of "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for its "calligraphy" art. In July 2020, Pengxi County was awarded the title of "National Sanitary Township (county seat)" by the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee.

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