Pengyang County

Pengyang County, under the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Guyuan City. It is between 106°32'-106°58' east longitude and 35°41'-36°17' north latitude. It is located at the southern edge of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, at the eastern foot of Liupan Mountain. It is connected to Yuanzhou District of Ningxia in the west, and encircling Zhenyuan County, Pingliang City and Huan County of Gansu Province in the east, south and north respectively. According to the seventh census, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Pengyang County was 160,512. As of July 2021, Pengyang County has jurisdiction over 4 towns and 8 townships, with a total land area of 2533.49 square kilometers. The government is based in Baiyang Town.

Pengyang County is a class A county of national revolutionary old base areas, rich in red cultural resources. There is the earliest underground party branch in Ningxia - Hujia small garden underground Party branch. In August 1949, the first battle for the liberation of Ningxia began in Renshan River, which opened the prelude to the liberation of Ningxia. Renshan River Martyrs' Cemetery was listed as a national key martyr memorial building protection unit. Pengyang Red Plum Apricot "and" Chaona chicken "have passed the National Geographic Indication product certification. Yaohe Yuan Shang Zhou site has been selected as one of the top ten national archaeological discoveries. It has successively won the honors of China's Advanced County of Afforestation, Advanced County of soil and water conservation, Advanced County of returning farmland to forest, green Model County, Advanced County of Peace Construction, National Garden County, China Civilized County, advanced County of rural students' nutrition improvement, advanced County of mass sports, National science and Technology Progress, etc.

In 2021, Pengyang County achieved a gross regional product of 7616.19 million yuan. The added value of the primary industry is 1,384.31 million yuan, that of the secondary industry is 2,820.73 million yuan and that of the tertiary industry is 3,411.15 million yuan. According to the average resident population calculation, the county per capita GDP of 47,306 yuan.

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