Pingli County

Pingli County is subordinate to Ankang City of Shanxi Province, bordering Zhuxi County of Hubei Province to the east, Zhenping County to the southeast, Chengkou County of Chongqing City to the south, Langao County of Ankang City of Shanxi Province to the west, and Ankang City, Hanbin District and Xunyang City of Shanxi Province to the north. Between 31°37 '-- 32°39' north latitude, 109° -- 109°33 'east longitude, the total area of 2647 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 11 towns.

Pingli is the hometown of Nu Wa, as early as in the Eastern Jin Dynasty "Huayang State records", Song Dynasty "New Tang Book" are recorded. The ancient Great Wall of Guanya in Pingli is the site of the Great Wall of Chu built in the Spring and Autumn Period. With a history of more than 2700 years, it is the oldest Great Wall in China. Pingli was listed as one of the eight national tea areas in the Tang Dynasty. During the reign of Qianlong, Maojian of Pingli Sanliya became a tribute tea, and "Pingli Nuwa Tea" was certified as a trademark of National Geographic Indication. Pingli Gynostinverted Blue has been certified as "National Product Protection of Region of Origin" and "China Well-known Trademark". In 2016, it was rated as "the most popular product among Netizens" by People's Daily Online. Pingli is the hometown of revolutionary pioneer Liao Qianwu. Liao Qianwu was Marshal He Long's introduction to the party, is "August 1" Nanchang uprising important planner, is one of the founders of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Pingli has green mountains and beautiful waters, a forest coverage rate of 76%, and the largest Hui-style residents in China with more than 40,000 households. Within the territory of ten thousand hectares of alpine meadow, Tianshu Grand Canyon, Chang 'an Selenium Tea Town, Peach Blossom Creek, Peony Valley, Longtou Village, Jiang Jiaping Village and other scenic spots unique charm, in 2012 successfully selected "China's most beautiful countryside", is the Shanxi beautiful countryside construction standard maker and release. In 2017, it was awarded as "National Demonstration County of Beautiful Countryside Construction" and "China Excellent Ecotourism County".

By the end of 2021, the registered population of Pingli County is 227,460. In 2021, Pingli County achieved a gross regional product of 10.407 billion yuan, of which the added value of the primary industry was 1.455 billion yuan, the secondary industry was 6.052 billion yuan and the tertiary industry was 2.90 billion yuan.

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