qinyuan county

Qinyuan County, under the Changzhi City of Shanxi Province. It is located in the central and southern part of Shanxi Province, at the eastern foot of Taiyue Mountain, northwest of Changzhi City, adjacent to Qin County in the east, Tunliu District, Anze County and Gu County in the south, Lingshi County and Huozhou City in the west, and Pingyao County and Jiexiu City in the north. East longitude 111°58 '30 "-- 112°32' 30", north latitude 36°20 '20 "-- 37°00' 42", east and west width 45 kilometers, north and south length 74 kilometers, a total area of 2549 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 6 towns and 6 townships.

The forest coverage rate of Qinyuan County is close to 60%, which ranks first in Shanxi Province. It is the "hometown of Pinus tabulata", the key county of natural forest protection in China, and the key ecological function area of provincial restricted development determined by the provincial government. Historically, it is the main county of Taiyue, one of the "five mountains and five towns". There are 46 ancient buildings, Shengshou Temple, Taiyue Military Command 2 national protection units, and 15 provincial intangible cultural heritages. The main scenic spots include Lingkong Mountain, Qinhe Source, Hua Po and other natural landscapes, the old site of Taiyue Military Command, the Memorial Hall of the anti-Japanese Siege war and other red cultural landscapes, Shengshou Temple, Bodhi Temple and other religious cultural landscapes, and folk legends such as Master Bodhisattva, Qin Gao Zhen, Mayi Zen Master and so on.
By the end of 2021, Qinyuan County has a total population of 149,481. In 2021, the GDP of Qinyuan County reached 19.81 billion yuan, of which the added value of the primary industry was 534 million yuan, that of the secondary industry was 14.453 billion yuan and that of the tertiary industry was 4.82 billion yuan. The per capita GDP was 132,297 yuan. [31]

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