Qionghai county-level city

Qionghai City, a county-level city directly under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, is located in the east of Hainan Province, bordering the South China Sea in the east, bordered by Wenchang City and Ding 'an County in the north, Tunchang County and Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County in the west, and Wanning City in the south, covering an area of 3,240.8 square kilometers. Qionghai City is a tropical oceanic monsoon climate, the four seasons are not obvious, the average temperature is 24.8℃. As of October 2022, Qionghai municipality has jurisdiction over 12 towns and 1 farm. Qionghai City people's government resident Jiaji town. Qionghai is a multi-ethnic area. Besides Han, there are nine ethnic minorities, such as Miao, Li, Zhuang and Hui. By the end of 2020, Qionghai has 528,200 permanent residents (21,000 ethnic minorities, accounting for 4% of the total population).

Qionghai City, named for its location in the east coast of Qiongzhou, is known as the "Hometown of culture", "Hometown of Overseas Chinese", "Hometown of civilization", "Hometown of Chinese Hot Springs" and "Hometown of the Red Detachment of Women". The early Yuan three years of the Western Han Dynasty (46 years ago), belongs to Zhu Lu County. Tang Zhenguan thirteen years (639 years), belongs to Rongqiong County. April 1951, belongs to the Guangdong Provincial People's Government Hainan Administrative Office. In April 1968, it belonged to the Revolutionary Committee of Hainan Administrative Region. April 1988, directly under Hainan Province. In November 2017, Qionghai City was named the fifth National Civilized City by the Central Civilization Commission.

In 2021, the GDP of Qionghai was 33.79 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6% over the previous year; The per capita disposable income was 29,241 yuan, an increase of 9.3 percent over the previous year.

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