quanjiao county

Quanjiao County, subordinate to Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, is located in the east of Anhui Province, the southwest of Chuzhou City, the south side of the Jianghuai watershed, between Hefei, the provincial capital, and Nanjing, the provincial capital, the central coordinate is located at 118°27' east longitude, 32°10' north latitude, the total area of 1568 square kilometers. Quanjiao County is a north subtropical humid monsoon climate. As of November 2020, the permanent population of Quanjiao County is 395,600. By the end of 2020, Quanjiao County has jurisdiction over 10 towns, and the people's government of the county is located at 181 Rulin Road, Xianghe Town. It is 48 km from Nanjing to the east, 98 km from Hefei to the west, 18 km from Chuzhou city to the north, 70 km from Ma 'anshan to the south and 360 km from Shanghai.

It is said that the ancient Gao Yang family established the ancient Pepper Kingdom in Jiaoling Mountain. In the Spring and Autumn Period, it was Chu Jiaoyi, and later it was inhabited by the Quan family, so it was named Quanjiao. The beginning of the Western Han Dynasty Quanjiao County, Huainan country. On January 5, 1993, Chuzhou County was abolished and prefecture-level Chuzhou city was established. Quanjiao County has been under its jurisdiction since then. Beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai-Hangrong high-speed railway, Heining high-speed, Machu Yang high-speed through the border. It is only one hour's drive from Nanjing Lukou Airport and Hefei Xinqiao Airport, and thousand-ton ships reach Jiangda Sea. Quanjiao is a place name cultural heritage of China "thousand years old county", the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art.

In 2021, the GDP of Quanjiao County reached 31.53 billion yuan.

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