Rongchang County

Rongchang District (Rongchang County) is under the jurisdiction of Chongqing Municipality, located in the west of Chongqing, bordering Chongqing and Sichuan provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government). It is the gateway to the west of Chongqing and the central city radiating the west of Chongqing and the east of Sichuan; A bridgehead city in the main urban area of Chongqing. It borders Dazu District and Yongchuan District in the east, Longchang, Neijiang, Sichuan in the west, Luxian County, Luzhou, Sichuan in the south, Dongxing District, Neijiang, Sichuan and Anyue County, Ziyang, Sichuan in the north. It covers an area of 1077 square kilometers; It has jurisdiction over 15 towns and 6 streets; According to the data of the seventh population census, its permanent resident population reached 668900. In 2021, Rongchang will achieve a GDP of 81.347 billion yuan.

Rongchang District, known as Changzhou in ancient times, is a famous historical and cultural city at the municipal level of Chongqing. It is known as "Begonia Fragrance Country" because of the Song Dynasty poem "Begonia in the world has no fragrance, and the smell of Begonia in Duchangzhou is fragrant". Changyuan County was founded in the first year of Qianyuan in the Tang Dynasty, and became the seat of Changzhou Prefecture; In December of the sixth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty, Rongchang was named after "prosperity"; In June 2015, the county was removed and divided into districts. Rongchang District is an important gathering place of "Huguang filling Sichuan" and is known as "living fossil of Hakka culture". It has three national intangible cultural heritages, including Rongchang folding fan, Rongchang pottery and Rongchang cloth. He has created celebrities such as Yu Maojian, a "clean official in the world", Zhang Peijue, a pioneer of 1911, and Chen Zizhuang, a Chinese painter; Wanling Ancient Town, Antao Town and other cultural attractions.

Rongchang District is the first batch of national sports consumption pilot cities, national health cities, and national forest cities. China Animal Husbandry Science and Technology City, the origin of "Rongchang Pig", the world's excellent pig breed, the country's first national high-tech zone with agricultural and animal husbandry characteristics, the construction site of the National Pig Big Data Center, the national modern agriculture demonstration zone, and the designated venue of the biennial "China Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Forum", has scientific research institutions and universities such as the Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry Sciences and the Rongchang Campus of Southwest University. It also introduced the Science and Technology Innovation Service Center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Region, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Jilin University, etc. to set up scientific research centers.

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