Ruoergai County

Ruoergai County, belonging to Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, is located at the northeast edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and in the north of Sichuan Province. It is the north gate of Sichuan to the northwest provinces and regions. Its geographical coordinates are 102 ° 08 'to 103 ° 39' E and 32 ° 56 'to 34 ° 19' N. It borders Maqu County, Luqu County, Zhuoni County, Diebu County and Aba County, Hongyuan County, Songpan County and Jiuzhaigou County in Aba Prefecture respectively, The Yellow River and the Yangtze River divide it into two parts. The maximum distance between east and south is about 150 kilometers. It is 475.3 kilometers away from Lanzhou, 322.4 kilometers away from Markang, the capital of the state, and 469.2 kilometers away from Chengdu in the south. The county seat is 3406 meters above sea level. Ruoergai County covers an area of 10326 square kilometers. In 2019, the registered residence population of Ruoergai County was 79668.

In 2005, the Ger prairie was rated as "the most beautiful wetland in China" by National Geographic magazine. Ruoergai County enjoys the reputation of "the most beautiful alpine wetland grassland in China" and "the hometown of black-necked cranes in China", and is known as "the oasis of northwest Sichuan plateau" and "paradise on the clouds". On September 25, 2018, it was awarded the honorary title of "2018 Comprehensive Demonstration County of E-commerce in Rural Areas" by the Ministry of Commerce. On April 28, 2019, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government decided to withdraw Ruoergai County from the poverty county sequence.

In 2019, the regional GDP of Ruoergai County was 2590.44 million yuan, the added value of the primary industry was 1019.17 million yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was 140.59 million yuan, the general public budget revenue was 1945.26 million yuan, and the general public budget expenditure was 1867.24 million yuan.

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