Sangzhi County

Sangzhi County, under the jurisdiction of Zhangjiajie City of Hunan Province, is located in the northwest border of Hunan Province, with Cili County, Shimen County and Wulingyuan District in the east, Yongding District and Yongshun County in the south, Longshan County in the west, and Xuen County and Hefeng County in Hubei Province in the north. It is located between 29°17 '-- 29°84' north latitude and 109°41 '-- 110°46' east longitude. It is 104 kilometers long from east to west and 51 kilometers wide from north to south, with a total area of 3474 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 12 towns and 11 townships.

Sangzhi County is the hometown of Marshal He Long, the starting point of the Long March of the Red Army, the World Natural Heritage reserve in the east - Wulingyuan Scenic Area, is the north gate of Hunan to the northwest of the motherland. It has the first batch of Badagong Mountain virgin forest in China and the first national nature reserve in Hunan Province. It has been included in the "Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB)" and "one of the 17 Key Biodiversity Areas of global significance in China", as well as one of the 200 important ecological areas worldwide. It also has 1 Fengluanxi National Forest Park, 2 provincial scenic spots in Jiutiandong, Chixi River and Luoshui.

By the end of 2021, Sangzhi County has a permanent population of 377,900. In 2022, the GDP of Sangzhi County reached 11.17 billion yuan, an increase of 5%; the local income reached 396 million yuan, an increase of 5%; the investment in fixed assets reached 4.23 billion yuan, an increase of 12%; the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 3.399 billion yuan, an increase of 3%; and the per capita disposable income increased 5.5%.

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