shangzhi county-level city

Shangzhi City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province, is located in the south-central part of Heilongjiang Province and the southeast part of Harbin. It is 127°17 '-129°12' east longitude and 44°29 '-45°34' north latitude. It borders Hailin City in the east, Acheng District in the west, Wuchang City in the south, and Yanshou County, Fangzheng County and Bin County in the north. It is about 153 kilometers long from east to west and 90 kilometers wide from north to south. The total area is 8910 square kilometers. Jurisdiction over 10 towns, 5 townships, 2 ethnic townships. Shangzhi Street, Shangzhi Street, No.5. According to the seventh census data, the permanent population of Shangzhi was 463,358 as of midnight on November 1, 2020.

In November 1946, in order to commemorate the anti-Japanese hero Zhao Shangzhi and his anti-Japanese soldiers in Zhuhe County, the first meeting of farmers and workers in Zhuhe County passed a resolution to change Zhuhe County into Shangzhi County.

Located at the west foot of Zhangguangcai Mountain, the terrain is high in the east and low in the west. The average temperature is 2.3℃. The average annual precipitation is 666 mm. Forest, snow and ice resources rich, marble, white clay, graphite reserves. Binsuiyuan Railway and Suiman Expressway, 301 National Highway, 203 provincial highway, 223 provincial highway transit. There are Yabuli ski resort, Ujimi Scenic spot, Shangzhi scenic spot, WanFoshan Scenic spot, Zhuhe anti-Japanese guerrilla monument and so on.

In February 2017, Shangzhi City was selected as a key city of PPP innovation in the field of national major municipal engineering. In November 2019, Shangzhi City was named as the "Four Good Rural Road" national demonstration county.
In 2019, Shangzhi's GDP reached 17.92 billion yuan.

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