Shanshan County

Shanshan County, under the jurisdiction of Turpan City, Xinjiang, is located in the eastern side of the Turpan Basin at the southern foot of the eastern Tianshan Mountains, adjacent to Mulei County and Qitai County in the north, connected to Qijiaojing Township of Hami City through Qiketai Town in the east, bordered by Subashi Village of Tuyugou in the west and Shengjin Township of Turpan City, and bordered by Ruoqiang County and Yuli County in the south through the Gobi of South Lake to Jueluotage in the south. Shanshan County accounts for 2.5% of the total area of Xinjiang. Shanshan County has jurisdiction over 7 towns, 2 townships, and 1 ethnic township. Shanshan Oilfield is the first large Zhuluo system oilfield in China. The administrative area is 39548 square kilometers. By the end of 2019, the registered residence population of Shanshan County was 221407.

Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway, Lianyungang-Hoshan Expressway, Asia-Europe Optical Cable and West-East Gas Transmission Pipeline run through the whole territory. There are three railway stations: Shanshan Railway Station, Shanshan North High-speed Railway Station, and Tuha High-speed Railway Station. It is 104 kilometers away from the Turpan Airport, with superior location and convenient transportation. It is an important part of Urumqi's one-hour economic circle. In March 2020, it won the title of National Advanced County for Village Cleaning Action, and was praised by the Central Agriculture Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

In 2019, Shanshan County's GDP was 16368.41 million yuan, the added value of the primary industry was 1884.56 million yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was 9398.91 million yuan, the general public budget revenue was 1699.22 million yuan, and the general public budget expenditure was 3148.21 million yuan.

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